For your information:

  • Programs for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos are full time programs offered daily from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  There are no reductions in fees for children who attend less than these times. 
  • Programs for Threes* and Fours only are offered full time (see above) or part-time (daily from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM).
    *Note: children must be potty trained before entering the three year old classes.

We request that all children arrive by 9:00 AM and parents are certainly free to establish pick up times that best fit their family schedule. Enrollment vacancies are extremely limited. When a vacancy occurs in any specific class the current waiting list is reviewed according to the following guidelines and priorities:

  • First priority is given to parents (Belin members) with another child already enrolled
  • Second priority is given to parents (non-Belin members)with another child already enrolled
  • Third priority is given to parents (Belin members) with no child previously enrolled
  • Fourth priority given to parents (non-Belin members) with no child previously enrolled
  • Ability to accept the invitation to enroll your child within a one week window is required

As each category is reviewed to fill a vacancy – the administration of the center evaluates and makes admission decisions that are in the best interest of each individual child and the center. The “received” date (with fee) of the application within each of these priority categories is one of the criteria used to determine who is offered the vacancy.

Our waiting list is updated each April 1st and it is the responsibility of the parents to renew their application by contacting BCLC in writing between March 15th and April 1st each year.  Failure to communicate with the BCLC Enrollment Coordinator will result in forfeiture of your fee and your spot on the wait list. We are unable to place an unborn child on our wait list until the expectant mother has provided a due date. Once the child has been born, we ask the parents to notify the BCLC Enrollment Coordinator who will determine if a vacancy is available.  Ability to accept an invitation to enroll your child within a one week window is required.

$30 Wait List Fee is due with submission of this form (payable to "BCLC"). Your child will be added to the BCLC wait list upon receipt of completed form and fee.


You can request to enroll your child at Belin Christian Learning Center one of two ways: 

1) Enroll Online Using This Form

2) Download a Request to Enroll Form (print):