Grandparenting and Easter

-by B. Mike Alexander, Jr.

During this holy season I’ve been very busy, but don’t feel too sorry for me. I’ve also had some fun grandparenting time.

Last weekend, our daughter and son-in-law brought their two little girls, ages 2 years 4 months (Madison) and 1 year 5 months (Mallory), for a visit. And while their parents left the girls with us last Thursday evening, Betsy and I had such a good time. It was so much fun.

But siblings will be siblings, and the two little girls got into shoving each other. They both wanted the same toy at the same time. I suppose the tone of my voice startled them as I called them down. They both started crying immediately.

I sat down with the girls in my lap, trying to console them and assure them that I loved them deeply. I just needed them to think about sharing. Soon their tears turned into laughter, their sadness turned into happiness, their shoving turned into giggles.

On one hand, I am very aware this Friday (Good Friday) that there is something not good about it. On the other hand, there is something good about it. This Friday somehow makes laughter, joy, kindness, and love possible. Indeed, I am so grateful for a God who forgives us, who loves us, and who continues to form us into people who love one another.

May Easter blessings be yours in the days ahead!