Adult Sunday School

There are currently eight adult Sunday School classes ready to welcome you. All adult classes meet from 10 AM - 10:45 AM in the Family Life Center (FLC), except for the Sanctuary class, which meets in the Crying Room of the sanctuary. For any additional questions about adult Sunday School, feel free to contact Director of Programs, Jane Sparks, 843.357.5185.

FISH (Faithful In Serving Him)

This class consists of participants ranging in age from 30+ years old. A variety of studies aim at growing strength through God’s word.  Lessons are structured to make it easy to participate even if you cannot make it to class every week. Class is held in Family Life Center room #13.

HOPE (He is Our Peace Everlasting)

This class consists of adults at every age and stage in their life. It is an informal setting with a group discussion format. Led by three rotating facilitators, HOPE is very active in church activities. Class is held in Family Life Center room #2.

JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

This class has rotating facilitators who lead the class in the lesson and discussion. The class enjoys fellowship and learning God's word with an emphasis on life application. JOY is active in and supports missions within the church, the community, and the world. Class is held in Family Life Center room #7.

GIFT (Growing In Faith Together)

This young and enthusiastic class meets in room #12 of the Family Life Center. This class is offered for participants in college through 30-year-olds. It periodically meets off campus to enjoy a small group setting for Bible study and discussion.

The Mildred Floyd Class

This class currently utilizes the Uniform Series International Bible Lessons as their main text and is primarily attended by those most senior in their Bible study experience. Class is held in Family Life Center room #5.

Belin Sunday School Class

This class has two rotating teachers who are retired Methodist ministers. Each brings a unique style and insight to the lesson because of their varied life experiences. This class uses the Uniform Series International Bible lessons for a starting point each week. This series uses a three-year cycle to help students learn the story of salvation from the Old and New Testaments. This class enjoys good food and fellowship with dinners out together about three times a year: fall, Christmas, and spring. Class is held in Family Life Center room #4.

The Sanctuary Class

This class welcomes all adult ages and utilizes the Uniform Series International Bible Lessons. This class is held in the Crying Room located adjacent to the narthex of the sanctuary.

The Belin Singles Class

This class welcomes all adult singles of any age. A variety of studies are aimed at growth in a personal relationship with God. Class is held in Family Life Center room #3.

Belin Growth Groups

These group gatherings meet to promote fellowship, study and prayer. Click HERE for a list of Growth Groups, facilitators and hosts. For any additional questions or to participate, please email

Belin 101

This five-week course offered twice a year, is designed for new members, prospective members, or any adults who want to know more about Methodism and opportunities for involvement at Belin Memorial.

Women’s Bible Studies

Various studies for women are offered periodically at Belin Memorial. For any additional questions feel free to contact Jane Sparks, 843.357.5185.