Watch the weekly Inlet View e-news for information on upcoming classes. Check the CALENDAR for dates and times.

Adult Sunday School

There are currently eight adult Sunday School classes ready to welcome you. All adult classes meet from 10 AM – 10:45 AM in the Family Life Center (FLC), except for the Sanctuary class, which meets in the Crying Room of the sanctuary and the Belin Sunday School Class, which meets on Tuesdays (see below). For additional questions about adult Sunday School, contact the Director of Adult Ministries, Mary Mallick, at

FISH (Faithful In Serving Him)

This Sunday School class is mainly composed of those interested in discussions about raising families, walking with Christ and becoming stronger examples of Christian leaders at Belin and in the community.

HOPE (He is Our Peace Everlasting)

Interested in current issues? The HOPE Class blends together life experiences with Biblical truths to better navigate as Christians in today’s society. Build new friendships and share your time and talents with others.

JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

Begin your week with this group of single folks and married couples. This fun group has weekly lessons led by a class member on a rotating schedule. It’s a great way to see if you like teaching or learning more. The class members enjoy social events and participating in church outreach projects. All are welcome in this class so come and fill your heart with JOY!

GIFT (Growing In Faith Together)

If you are experiencing a different season of life and feel like you would enjoy talking with others, come to the Gift Class. There will be lively discussions of those different seasons and you will learn that you are not alone, no matter where you are in the journey. This group enjoys visiting with each other, forming strong relationships and sharing their time and talents with their Belin Church family through socials, community and church outreach projects.

The Floyd Class

Devoted members and attendees of Belin who have lots of faith-based stories and life lessons to share do so through weekly lessons focused on the written stories of the Bible. They share their time, talents and experience by volunteering at Belin.

Belin Sunday School Class

If you cannot participate in a Sunday morning class, this is the group for you. Meeting each Tuesday at 2 PM in the Family Life Center’s Small Dining Room (enter at the Portico doors), the Belin Sunday School class is led by multiple pastors and chaplains in a variety of meaningful lessons. All ages are welcome.

The Sanctuary Class

Comprised primarily of Sanctuary Choir members, they meet weekly in the Crying Room (with no crying!) located to the left just off the Narthex in the Belin Memorial Church Sanctuary. The class follows the United Methodist curriculum designed to lead conversations about their faith walk with Christ.

Grace Outdoors

This group meets outdoors in the St. John’s Chapel with lots of participation and conversations by its members. Connie Stinson and Greg Hill, both retired clergy, lead discussions of the Christian journey of life with its mountaintops and valleys. New thoughts, new horizons of faith, and new revelations are possible with this group.

Belin Growth Groups

These group gatherings meet to promote fellowship, study and prayer. For any additional questions or to participate, please email our Director of Adult Ministries, Mary Mallick, at

Belin 101

This five-week course offered twice a year, is designed for new members, prospective members, or any adults who want to know more about Methodism and opportunities for involvement at Belin Memorial.

Women’s Bible Studies

Various studies for women are offered periodically at Belin Memorial. For any additional questions feel free to contact our Director of Adult Ministries, Mary Mallick, at

Men’s Bible Studies

Jack’s Bible Study, Thursdays from 10 AM – 11:30 AM.

Man to Man, Wednesdays from 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM