Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.

Psalm 127:3

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Belin Creative Learning Center (BCLC) was established in 1975 as a mission of the church to provide a loving, educational preschool and childcare facility in a Christian environment.

BCLC offers full-day programs for children ages 6 weeks to four-years-old and half day programs for children ages 3 and 4.

Center Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 AM – 5:15 PM
For any additional questions feel free to contact Amanda Romance, 843.651.2930.

Our procedures, guidelines, and policies are explained in our parent handbook along with information about our Parent Club, tuition and fees, and program objectives for age levels.

Our History

In the beginning…

The Belin United Methodist Women had a vision to create a nursery that would help working mothers in the care of their children. This vision became a real mission in October 1975. A devoted UMW member, Ms. Sylvia Enslen, created the idea of the “Belin Nursery,” now called the Belin Creative Learning Center (BCLC). The Sr. Pastor, Rev. Larry Barnes, and the Administrative Board Chairman, Mr. Don Spence, wholeheartedly agreed with Sylvia’s idea of this beautiful mission.

Ms. Sylvia needed help with her idea, so another giving UMW member, Ms. Hazel Cannon, helped with the early business and management of the newly developed Belin Nursery. She served on the organizing committee and managed the bookkeeping of this new mission. Her biggest motivating influences were her grandchildren, Trent and Ann. Trent was one of the first children to attend the nursery and graduated from the one-and-only kindergarten class taught by Brenda Cutts. Ms. Hazel’s involvement did not stop there. She volunteered her time in Bible school, Brownies, Project Christmas Tree, and in the organization of Women’s Circles that are still in existence today.

Other very special matriarchs of the Belin Nursery are Ms. Rose Wall and Ms. Gabrell Eaddy. These ladies were two of the first teachers who continued working until 2002.

Ms. Rose began in the summer of 1976. She worked with older children who were out of school for the summer and whose mothers worked. Ms. Rose’s God-given sewing talent prompted her to dedicate her time to hand making bibs, blankets, and small sleeping quilts for the children at the school. Ms. Rose’s legacy will forever live on within the walls of the BCLC after her 26 years of devoted love and care of the Belin children.

Gabrell Eaddy contributed her time, talent, and love of children to Belin Memorial’s program, beginning in January of 1976. Her classroom consisted of eight children. Ms. Eaddy not only took care of children, but also became the second director of the Belin Nursery and helped Ms. Rose with her sewing. Ms. Eaddy has been a long standing member of Belin Memorial United Methodist Church. In 2002, she was honored at a special church ceremony for her 26 years of outstanding dedication to the Belin’s Creative Learning Center. Ms. Eaddy is now retired, but she will forever know her “home away from home.”

Over the years, the Belin Nursery kept growing and growing. One interesting time was when the nursery was open until 11 PM. This was done to accommodate some mothers who were waitresses at local restaurants. Hot dinners were prepared and the children were snuggled goodnight. This part of the program lasted approximately two years. By the late 1970s the Belin Nursery grew so that the children were separated into different classrooms according to age. In the early 1980s a teacher named Vincy Black began to implement a more structured education curriculum into the program. Belin Nursery began in only three rooms of the Educational Building. Today, the program continues to be located there but has expanded to 12 rooms with full capacity. They continue to be shared with Sunday School classes. Hot lunches are still prepared just like Ms. Sylvia fixed in the beginning.

In 1991, the name changed to the Belin Creative Learning Center (BCLC) by the creativity of Lynn Coggeshall, former director and 4-year-old teacher. Ms. Coggeshall served on the BCLC’s board for many years as chairperson. Her son, Beck, drew the precious logo in use today.

For more than 20 years, Barbara DiGregorio was involved in this wonderful program, beginning as a substitute teacher, then as a 3-year-old teacher, then as assistant director, and finally as the director. Barbara definitely saw amazing growth through her many years with BCLC before retiring in 2012!

Today, the BCLC continues to be a strong, vital part of our church and community, preparing God’s children for elementary school and planting seeds of faith in a loving, caring environment.