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Safe Sanctuary Assessment Quiz

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The policy Defines a Youth as

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An approved adult volunteer working with youth must be

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An adult coach volunteering to help with the youth basketball league does not have to go through Safe Sanctuary training?

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It is permitted for the parent of a child in Grade 4 to drop them off outside the Family Life Center as long as they see them go into the building for an activity?

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Which of the following is not a responsibility of Belin Memorial UMC?

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Youth who have reached the age of 16 are allowed to be in the Family Life Center without approved supervision as long as there is an adult volunteer in the building?

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If a volunteer leader finds themselves in a classroom alone with a child, youth, or vulnerable adult, the leader can...

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If an approved leader of an activity encounters a child or youth that is disrupting an activity from happening, the parents should be contacted and the director or responsible pastor should be notified with a report.

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It is permitted when dealing with smaller children to put them in an unsupervised time out until they calm down.

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Every activity needs the following

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When doing attendance reports for an activity the approved adult volunteers do not need to be included.

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Communications should be done in group messages that include other adults.

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The approved group leader needs to get a message to one youth who is on his/her team. He/She should...

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A child at Vacation Bible School suffers what appears to be a light ankle sprain. The approved group leader should

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In an emergency, it is permissible for an attendee at a youth event to be transported by two approved group leaders for medical attention.

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Which one of the following statements is not in the policy with regard to an approved group leader driving the church bus?

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If an approved group leader suspects or receives a complaint about child abuse, they should know that only the following individuals can report the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and parents:

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It is appropriate for a young adult leader who is 21 years of age to work with the high school youth group as a volunteer?

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For the purposes of the Safe Sanctuary Policy, a child is defined as being from birth through 3rd grade.

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At an approved off-site or overnight event involving youth, the ratio of chaperones to attendees should be at least...

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